Basic Vinyl Post 

          Width: 4" square, 5" sqaure or 6" square

          Height: available in various heights to suit your project          

          Colours Available: White & Khaki  



Post Mount        

Available for 4" x 4" posts,  36" and 42" high.         

For use on hard surfaces such as Vinyl or wood decks, and concrete patios.         

Galvanized metal post comes with self leveling collar for 4" post.         

Lags or screws for attaching to your deck or patio are not included.         












  Load Bearing Pillar       

  Load bearing pillar - sculptured          

Width: 5" diameter          

Height: 9ft long          

Colour: White & Clay          

Post trims available for top and bottom of pillar         










Post Wraps

Model: 4 Piece Post Wrap

Width: 4" diameter or 6" diameter

Height: 10ft long (can be cut to fit required height post)

Colour: White & Khaki 

Post trims available for top and bottom of pillar